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Top 5 Destinations for your Holiday Interests

Trying to decide what to do for your next holiday? The best place to start is to think about how you would like to spend it. Are you looking to relax on a beach, hike in the mountains or do more city-based activities? Whatever your interests, read on below to see our list of best vacation spots based on these categories.

Relax on the World’s Best Beach

While there are many gorgeous beaches all over the world, Punta Cana of the Dominican undoubtedly takes the prize. Punta Cana is known for its 30 kilometers of sandy beaches and calm blue waters for miles off its shores. Its immaculately clean beaches and manicured strip of resorts make it one of the most aesthetically pleasing beach locations globally, and one that we heartily recommend.

Visit the Best Amusement Parks

For a trip that will be adored by groups of all ages, head to Orlando, Florida and visit one of its huge amusement parks. No longer just “Disneyland”, Orlando offers a variety of parks to fit every interest, including seeing famous characters in costume, themed world parks, rides, and waterparks galore. Stay just outside (or inside) the park walls for days of fun and exploration.

Hike the Most Stunning Mountains

For the serious hiker, there is no better place to go than the up and coming hiking scene in Bulgaria. Bulgaria offers a range of hikes from one day trips like a hike to Rila and Musala Peak, to longer excursions that can take days and weeks, like a trip to the stunning Rhodope and Pirin mountains. Hikers that make the trip to Bulgaria will witness some of the most breathtaking and stunning views worldwide, and will get to experience the diverse ecology and landscape that comprises the Balkan Mountains.

City Sightseeing

Lisbon is a great city to visit on holidays. Often called the “sister of San Francisco” this city has a bridge that will have visitors doing a double-take in its resemblance to the famous Golden Gate bridge of San Francisco. This city is a pleasure to walk in with its multi-colored buildings and has a vibrant culture not limited to day activities, as even on a weekday night plenty of live music events and bars open to the street and make the city come alive. Lisbon also offers an abundance of historic sites and ruins, and a series of castles on a wooded hilltop called Sintra-- a must-see for any traveller.

Exploring an Ancient Wonder

If you have the spirit of a hiker, but the desire to see something a bit more exotic on this holiday, then a trip to one of the world’s ancient wonders may be the exact thing. For a Mediterranean trip rich with history, we recommend visiting the island of Malta. The Megalithic temples of Malta are rated as one of the most remarkable ancient structures of the world, and visitors marvel at its architecture and the size of its stones. Tour the area with experienced guides and visit these prehistoric temples, and get lost in the wonder and amazement that has drawn travellers to its steps for many years.

Ready to plan your next holiday? Choose from our best-rated spots or pick your own using this guide. However you wish to spend your vacation, make it something new and exciting. The world is a big place, so don’t waste another minute not exploring.


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