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Taking a Portable Business to the Next Level - Run it from a $100 smartphone!

Mobile phones, cell phones, smart phones, call then what you like, because they've had a hell of an impact on the way we live. They is not much you cannot do now on a mobile phone these days. We use them to pretty much run our lives.

When I started out back in 2005, I never dreamed that one day I could fit my business in my jean's pocket. Well I am not quite there yet, but I am getting close, and this is important for me, because in the future, I want to be able to travel light as possible!

I will still of course travel with a laptop, which I have done since 2005, but I want to embark on a number of long distance walking trails over the next few years, and I don't want to carry a heavy laptop with me! I don't want to end up getting angry like Cherly Strayed did in Wild.

So how am I going to be able to run an online business from just a mobile phone?

Well the truth is I will need some additional extras.

Bluetooth Keyboard

Firstly I have a Samsung Galaxy, which are of course awesome, but I cannot really type too much on it, in fact it would slow me down no end. So the solution would be to buy a small bluetooth keyboard, rather like this foldable iClever, which looks totally awesome and has good reviews on Amazon, although at 300 grams, I'd say that is borderline heavy if you are backpacking. For instance, my current one man tent weighs a little more than double, and I can live in that, well kind of! For comparsions sake my soon to be replaced because the battery is crap Samsung S3 weighs 130 grams.

Power Pack - Battery Back up

Well we all probably have these already, if you've owned the same smart phone for over a year, I am guessing you cannot do without one! I have a 10,000 mah power pack, and while it takes quite a time to charge, it actually recharges my phone four times!

Me in 2006, in Bali Indonesia, sporting a great sun tan!

Solar Panel

Ok, not everyone is going to need one of these, but if you are going off-grid for a while, then being able to charge your phone from the sun is such an awesome concept.

Well that's about all you need!

So if I have an online business, how can I update my websites?

I knew you were going to ask this.


Well I have installed on my phone the very neat Wordpress App, that works like a treat, if I am being honest. The cool thing about it, like all apps, is that you do not have to be online to create your content. You simply write offline and then update once you have your 4G signal, or wifi, or GPRS if you are still in the dark ages, or in Bali!

Wordpress is so powerful that you can pretty much do anything with it, and many businesses will be using it as a content management platform.

Summing Up

Crazy to think that you could run a business from a smart phone, technology is really making a portable lifestyle possible, almost to the extreme. I also believe that it could help productivety too. There is no need to carry around a heavy laptop, then have to get all setup in cafes etc, I mean how long does it take to whipp out your mobile phone and load up wordpress!

Here are some other ideas for making money on your smart phone.


Me in 2006. Time to ditch the laptop (and the tucked in t-shirt look)



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