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Best Cafes for Freelancers in Seattle

When it comes to Seattle, there are always a few things that spring to mind. The first is obviously the weather, and while it may often over-exaggerated, it is certainly one of the rainier cities in the country. Another would have to be its influential music scene, which is of course best remembered for the grunge scene that emerged in the 1990s. Seattle’s concerts calendar continues to rock and attract music fans from all over the world.

For many though, Seattle is all about the coffee. Known for its amazing roasts available throughout the city, Seattle has birthed countless coffee shops and cafes throughout the city, all aiming to bring in as many coffee-loving Seattleites as possible. They range in size, style and charm, but it’s safe to say if you want to sit down and enjoy a big cup of coffee for a while, Seattle has you covered.

This also makes it a great spot for freelancers. Working at home can often leave freelancers a little stir-crazy, so being able to get out of the house for a while whilst still being able to complete your work is more than welcome.

With so many coffee shops in Seattle, it can be difficult to separate the good from the bad for freelancers, who need a certain environment for a productive afternoon. Take a look at some of the best freelance-friendly cafes in Seattle.

Ballard Coffee Works, 2060 NW Market Street

Space is one of the most important things freelancers need when working in a café. Nothing is worse than having a crazy amount of work to pile through while being squeezed into a small space, as all around you are distractions in the shape of other people!
Ballard Coffee Works has ample room, with tables that are spaced a generous distance from one another, allowing plenty of space even when it’s busy. Good music, fast Wi-Fi, and some rather tasty baked goods make it a no-brainer for any freelancer looking for a place to work.

Roy Street Coffee and Tea, 700 Broadway East

As previously mentioned, space is everything for a coffee shop or café for freelancers, and Roy Street Coffee and Tea has a generous amount of space thanks to it being much larger than many others. It is what you do with all that space mind you, and with lots of wonderfully comfortable chairs to sit yourself down in, they certainly make the most of it!
Reliably fast Wi-Fi is also a nice touch, as is the fact that you have a variety of options for tables and seating arrangements, meaning you can find a workspace to suit your needs.

Wayward Coffeehouse, 6417 Roosevelt Way NE

Wayward Coffeehouse has one of those irresistible atmospheres that just lures you back in each and every time. It places an emphasis on all things geek culture, including their awesomely unique beverage menu and their fantastic décor.
Sometimes a freelancer just loves a certain ambience, and the one found here is very comforting and just cool in general! Laid back music, great seating and a reliable Wi-Fi connection make it must-visit for those freelancers who want to embrace their inner-geek.

Stage Door Cafe, 208 N 85th Street

Every freelancer has those different little preferences when it comes to a work space, and one of the most common is understandably peace and quiet. Stage Door café is tucked away in the Greenwood area of the city and fits the bill when it comes to lesser populated cafes and coffee shops.
Small crowds and a lack of noise in general will make it a haven for those freelancers that need that perfect atmosphere to get through their work.

Ada’s Technical Books, 425 15th Avenue East

Sometimes you just want a great cup of coffee to give you the brain power to get on with your work, and Ada’s Technical Books has some of the most delicious coffee in the city.
Beyond that however, it has the cool setting of being both a bookstore and coffee shop, which always offers a great atmosphere to get your head down. The book-lined walls certainly help to achieve this!

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